“If you try to appeal to everyone with your marketing, you’ll end up really “speaking” to no one ”


8th August 2018 

If you try to appeal to everyone with your marketing, you’ll end up really “speaking” to no one. The best property marketing is designed to speak to the aspirations and needs of your target market, which is why the FIRST step in creating your strategy is to identify your ideal buyer.

Having a clear understanding of who your ideal buyer could enable you to connect authentically with what drives them. You need to be focused on their needs and aspirations. When you operate from this level of insight, you’re well on your way to creating a distinctive marketing package that truly engages with your intended audience.

The importance of engaging your buyer’s Emotions and Aspirations is crucial to a great property marketing strategy. 

Defining a Customer Persona at the outset of your marketing campaign will provide a fundamental building block for everything that you do and say later. It makes it 10X easier to identify your key selling points, craft your promise, write your sales copy and design your materials, if you know who you are ‘talking to’. When you are able to clearly address yourself to a ‘real person’ – a character whose motivations and requirements you fully understand – you’ll find the tools to trigger their Emotional Engagement, Aspiration and Enthusiasm through the things you write and the vision you present them with.

At iCreate we start every project with a comprehensive Project Vision Document (PVD) to establish the foundations of a successful off-plan property marketing campaign.You can download our free PVD Template here to get started now!
We’d love to help you nail your marketing strategy and identify your ideal buyer. To kick-start your next marketing campaign, why not talk to one of our experienced team. Book a free strategy call  now and we will look forward to talking to you!

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