Using Virtual Reality at Events

21st Jul 2017

VR can transport you to real or imagined places instantly – take clients on a virtual walk around an apartment or hotel suite that may not even be built yet, do a tour of your factory or shop, or why not transport them to a virtual showroom to view your latest products? Virtual reality creates opportunities for planners and brands to create engaging, innovative, multi-sensory content for their target audience. By donning a virtual-reality headset, users can be transported to places and into experiences that would otherwise be unreachable.

Why not use VR at your next event? We have put together a few reasons why you should consider it:

Why? You’ll be the talk of the event and everyone will go home wanting to share their experience; by word of mouth, through social media or through industry contacts and colleagues. Having people talk about you long after your event is not only beneficial for your brand, but also puts you on the map in terms of your competition.

Why? You will increase the amount of time visitors spend at your stand, giving you more of an opportunity to engage with potential clients. Virtual reality is a great way for you to allow your customers to really experience what you can offer. We’ve seen this work well in a number of different industries, however our favourite was definitely a virtual tour of holiday homes in Barbados that was carried out by a private developer.

Why? You will be able to represent your brand in an exciting, yet professional way. Incorporating virtual reality into your stand or event will definitely make you a game-changer, leading people to wonder what innovative strategies you’ll come up with next!

Everyone will want to get involved with your VR experience; Virtual reality is an exciting, new technology, and people will be eager to try out your virtual reality solution. You might even develop a lengthy queue – the perfect opportunity to pitch to people while they’re waiting to have a go.

We recently supported an event for our client Milford Waterfront who were hosting a a world class Powerboat event and wanted to showcase their plans for the future of the Waterfront area including the marina, new hotels, retail units and restaurants. Using VR, they were able to invite guests to step into the future of Milford Waterfront and see for themselves the changes they are proposing. You can see the Vision for Milford Waterfront below:

If you would like to experience the VR version for Milford Waterfront or would like to explore the potential of VR for your next event, just get in touch

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