The Tywi Path | Using 360° Animation for Engagement, Consultation and Promotion

21th Aug 2017

The proposed 16 mile long “Tywi Path” is a traffic free pathway through an idyllic valley alongside the magnificent River Tywi as it flows from Llandeilo to Carmarthen in one of the most scenic areas of Wales. Led by our client, Carmarthenshire County Council, the project is estimated to be costing between £5 million and £8 million and will generate an estimated annual injection of between £860,000 and £2,000,000 into the local economy. The scheme, which will link major tourist attractions along the route, will create and support between 17 and 41 full-time jobs as well as giving people a sustainable and healthy travel option, connecting with villages between the two main towns.

Our client’s brief was to develop material which could be used on a variety of levels; to engage with stakeholders, committees and decision makers, for use at consultation events with landowners and residents and ultimately being suitable for promotion of the project to target user audiences identified at the project outset. In response to the brief, the team at iCreate produced a highly detailed flyaround animation taking the viewer on a journey through the Tywi valley along the planned course of the 16 mile path. To illustrate the huge variety of activities and attractions available along the route, the team introduced animated interpretation content and lifelike models of various landmarks along the way. In addition to this, we also created a 360° version of the flyaround for use with a VR headset which was particularly popular at consumer events our client has attended to promote the project. An added challenge, in order to comply with the organisations strict Welsh Language Policy, was that the content needed to be fully bilingual (Welsh and English). The end result needed to be uncomplicated and, at the same time, both engaging and interesting

At iCreate, we specialise in working with large and complex organisations who have something they need to communicate to a variety of different groups, and want a visual and genuinely engaging way to get their messages across. So many things are better explained with the help of an image, or a video, or an infographic, or an interactive website. Our role is to translate ideas into a form that makes them accessible to everyone: making complicated things simpler and making dull things more compelling.

If you have a project which you think we could help you to communicate, get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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