Talent Bank – creating a pipeline of talent in our region

28th Mar 2017

Talent Bank is a Swansea-based organisation that offers a whole new educational option to 16-19 year olds. It’s an innovative concept, designed to create a pipeline of talent to support the region’s economic ambitions, and to give our young people access to rewarding careers in emerging sectors.

With the signing of the Swansea Bay City Region City Deal, the focus for our region will be on the key growth sectors identified as offering strong future potential for our regional economy. One of these sectors is Health & Life Science, an industry which is already feeling the impact of great innovation and technological advancement.

But to deliver on the economic ambitions set out in the City Deal, we need to ensure that we have the skills and talent in the region to support the key growth sectors. That’s where Talent Bank comes in. Talent Bank is taking a collaborative approach to identifying and delivering the training and education needed to develop the next generation of doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, innovators and leaders.

“The skills initiative is key to the success of the City Deal. Without it, all else fails.”
Professor Marc Clement, Swansea University

In addition to high academic standards, students will be taught in an applied, hands-on way that trains them to deal with real life problems and respond to real-world industry challenges. This will provide the essential employability and professional skills to work with other people in both private and public sector environments.

iCreate has been working with Talent Bank to produce an video presentation, which explains how a Talent Bank education will benefit students, businesses and the economy.

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