10th May 2018

Property marketing brochures can say a lot about you, and the quality of what you deliver. Just in your choice of finish and paper stock, you can communicate a sense of being something special. Great photography and great 3D visualisations will be essential to communicating the vision and engaging your buyers’ emotions, but good design is also key: showing that you’ve invested in professional design will speak volumes.

As well as showcasing the CGIs, a marketing brochure is an opportunity for your prospective buyers to gain confidence and trust in you as a house builder. Not only will they see the development visualised, they will be able to read all about the location of the development, the new and luxurious lifestyle you are proposing, and the all important specification.

A property marketing brochure provides prospective buyers with something tangible to hold in their hands, which, in the absence of a real, finished property, seems all the more important. It is a physical promise of what you are offering the buyer, allowing the buyer to almost be transported to their new home.

In our minds, as long as your brochure is a high quality publication, it’s well worth the investment to print it. In terms of content, much of the work that goes into your brochure will be repurposed and republished in a range of ways – particularly in the form of social media posts and articles on your website – so again, it’s an investment that pays out.

If you would like to discuss your property marketing needs, please get in touch with us. We would love to help you visualise your new development and help you sell your homes off-plan.

Alternatively, read our Top 5 Tips for Selling New Homes Before They’re Built and find out how some of our clients are selling up to 100% of properties ‘off-plan’.

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