The increasing use of VR in other industries – Have you tried it yet?

10th April 2018

Architecture & property
Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision an individual will ever have to make. It’s not only a rational choice, but an emotional one. Buyers spend weeks, months, and sometimes years in trying to find their ‘perfect home’ and want a home to make them feel something emotionally. Therefore it’s vital to not only satisfy a buyer’s rational needs, but their emotional ones, too. Here at iCreate we advise our clients that by transporting the buyer straight into the home, there is simply no need of building the traditional ‘show home’ as this technology can evoke the same emotions in your buyer with only a headset.

VR provides the ability to transport yourself into the future and see what a proposed new development will look like. More than that, it gives you a sense of what a new development will feel like, because your subconscious mind is ‘tricked’ into believing it’s real. It’s this level of emotional engagement that we think makes Virtual Reality particularly effective for property marketing. Quite unlike watching content on a flat screen, with VR you form a memory of actually ‘being there’ – giving businesses who use it the opportunity to really ‘wow’ their customers and reach their business goals!

Virtual Reality allows engineers and designers to explore how certain cars would look and function without having to build the actual model. Brands such as Ford, Volvo and Hyundai are using virtual reality to show customers exactly how their new car would look and feel. With VR being increasingly used in the car industry- it wouldn’t surprise us that car dealership showrooms could potentially become obsolete in the near future….

Healthcare professionals are using virtual models of the human body to gain insight (particularly great for students) into what they will experience before they actually start work on a real human body. This not only saves time, but creates an extremely efficient way of using the real human body without wasting precious materials and resources in research/medicine etc.

The tourism industry has reaped massive benefits from the introduction of Virtual Reality technologies. From guided tours to ‘try before you buy’ holiday destinations, VR can help customers make a decision on their next holiday destination, along with excursions and extra activities you may have on offer. Travel agents are also finding VR helps with smaller and less known holiday places. Tourism is able to use VR to show everything from hotels and their swimming pools, wedding packages and even spas and treatments in certain holiday locations.

With a greater focus on immersive education, many teachers and schools are turning to VR to help with their teaching. VR allows students to enter an immersive teaching environment, opening up new methods of learning for all pupils. 3D technology also massively helps in the way students receive and process the information they are being taught, allowing them to be fully engaged with whatever topic is being taught.

Businesses from concert venues to theme parks are increasingly using VR to give their customers the best immersive experience possible. Live Nation are currently experimenting how to stream live concerts using VR, whilst theme parks are allowing customers to experience some of the rides, before entering any theme park, in hope that they result in ticket purchases.

In short, many businesses today are exploring different ways of giving their customers memorable experiences, and VR is proving to be top of the list. From education to retail and property, VR will only rise in popularity and here at iCreate we will continue to explore with 3D technologies which provide our clients with the best results for their business.

The possibilities really are endless and any experience can be created. It is like a breath of fresh air for customers who are seeing the same generic property marketing everywhere they look. Why not be one of the first to offer something different?

At iCreate we can get you started on your VR journey. Get in touch and see how we can help.

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