Fairy Hill Used VR To Sell 12 Weddings Before Venue Was Built

6th Oct 2017

This boutique hotel used Virtual Reality to sell weddings for a venue which hasn’t been built yet

For many of us, selecting a wedding venue is an emotionally important decision. Our client, Oldwalls Collection, presented brides with a Virtual Reality experience of their new glass extension at Fairy Hill hotel, and we were excited to hear that they secured 12 bookings, on launch day, as a result!

Fairy Hill is a fabulous Grade II Listed hotel in the heart of the Gower peninsular, and the owners are just breaking ground on a new glass extension that will transform the venue into a first class wedding venue.
We were involved in producing the first set of exterior CGIs which assisted the client in gaining planning permission. After successfully achieving planning, the client was able to present and ‘sell’ the venue to future brides before the building work is completed.

iCreate was commissioned to provide a Virtual Reality experience in which the brides were able to see and experience the brand new venue, before it was built. Using this virtual reality technology meant that we were able to transport the future brides into a beautiful world that does not exist yet, engaging emotion and attachment to the virtual reality that they were experiencing. We created a powerful, virtual world which not only allowed the brides to completely understand the venue (product), but that allowed them to immerse their minds and bodies to see a vision which they believed was real. They not only saw the venue with their eyes, but felt what is was like standing there- demonstrating the powerful effects that this technology has on providing a multi-sensory, engaging and authentic experience.

Shakira, from Oldwalls Collection, said:

“Thanks to the fantastic VR video and CGI images by iCreate we’re able to sell our ‘wedding venue’ vision to prospective wedding clients more effectively. The VR allows people to ‘look into the future’ and get a realistic feel of the magnificent glass extension we’re designing. Our goal is to transform into a first class wedding venue with purpose built wedding facilities and iCreate has really done justice to the project. What’s more they were efficient to work with, met our tight deadlines and delivered on the brief. Thank you.”

Of course, VR doesn’t just work for weddings! In fact, businesses in all sectors are exploring its many uses. If Fairy Hill were able to capture the emotion and imagination of those brides, who made such an important and expensive decision, based on something that does not even exist yet- just think how VR can work for your business!

Is there something you want your customers to see, feel and experience which does not exist yet? If so, this can all be achieved with the use of Virtual Reality, and more businesses are recognising the benefits that this new technology has on their business goals.

We love hearing how the 3D visualisations we produce help our clients achieve their business goals. If you think a flythrough or a virtual reality experience could help you turn your vision into a reality, please get in touch!

For more information on this exclusive venue, please visit: http://fairyhill.co.uk

Below are exterior CGIs of the beautiful new venue which helped the client achieve successful planning permission.

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