Effective Stakeholder Consultation

05th May 2017

An interactive 3D model of Crosshands Business Park has enabled Carmarthenshire Council to engage with stakeholders and attract new business tenants to the region.

Stakeholder consultation has become an important element of urban planning projects and, traditionally, passive materials such as printed plans and two dimensional images have been utilised. This doesn’t allow any interaction with the proposed scheme, there is no way to immerse into the environment or navigate freely using different perspectives. Often, these limitations lead to non-exploitable results for planners and can explain the lack of interest in urban developments.

An interactive 3D model is a desktop application that enables people to navigate around and explore according to their own priorities. This makes it ideal for public consultation. A powerful presentation tool using interactive technology takes user engagement to another level.

For both internal and external use, an Interactive 3D Model enables the user to navigate around your upcoming developments, zooming in on their areas of interest and examining key sites and viewpoints that are relevant to them. It’s ideal for public consultation but also extremely useful for design and planning meetings, exhibitions and presentations.

At iCreate we take the time to understand your objectives, figure out ‘what success looks like’, and establish the key messages you want to convey to each of your different audiences. Then we create an amazing 3D model of your town, city or region, showing all your upcoming developments and opportunities in context with each other and the existing townscape – whether you have full detailed plans or just vague ideas for us to work with.

An Interactive 3D model is just one element of the 5-in-1 Flythrough from iCreate.

This flythrough of the Llanelli Wellness & Life Science Village has enabled the developer to engage stakeholders, raise investment and progress the designs for this exciting development in Carmarthenshire. To try the interactive model for yourself, just give us a call!

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