The City Deal: Creating Opportunities

25th Apr 2017

The central idea of the Swansea Bay City Region City Deal – a deal which is touted as being worth £1.3bn to the regional economy – is to focus resources on key sectors which have been identified as offering the best potential for growth and opportunity. These are Energy, Health & Life Science, Next Generation Digital Services and Smart Manufacturing – things that we can all recognise are going to be central to the economy of the future.

One of the highest aspirations we can have is to provide young people across Swansea Bay with access to interesting and rewarding careers. They have been short-changed by the decline of industry and the rise of call centres, distribution centres and zero hours contracts. As more jobs are taken over by computers, the problem will get worse.

We need to invest in and train a generation of young people for careers in the industries of the future, and the City Deal will now enable us to do this.

For more information on what the City Deal means for the Swansea Bay region, go to:

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