CGIs Can Help You Sell Your Property

15th Jun 2017

When it comes to selling a new build or unfinished property, high quality computer generated images (CGIs) are a key element of your marketing plan. Without CGIs, a prospective buyer will have to rely on their imagination using flat 2D drawings and plans, but with them, buyers can see exactly what the property will look like when all the works are completed.

Modern CGIs are so realistic that they’re often mistaken for photographs, they can bring an empty room to life with a vast range of interior design solutions, making it easier for a potential buyer to imagine what living in that property might feel like. CGIs are most often used by developers but they can also be helpful for owners with properties undergoing refurbishment which might need to be let before completion. CGIs can also help with planning applications as part of a visual assessment.

Here’s what you need in order to produce a CGI quickly and accurately:

  • Any plans, elevations and sections you have available including a site plan indicating the views that the CGIs are to show
  • Any photographs of the surrounding area, ideally from the viewpoints to be shown
  • A schedule of materials or elevations indicating materials to be used
  • A 3D model and a topographical survey if available – these are not essential but can help move things along more quickly

For interiors it is important to have details of any furniture and finishes. The more information provided, the more accurate the final image will be. You can see some examples of our recent CGIs here but if you are interested in producing CGIs for your project, get in touch to see how we can help you

Selling New Homes Off Plan

We’ve written a book about Selling New Homes Off Plan, which is a practical guide to off plan property marketing, written with an understanding of how people make their purchasing decisions.

You can download a PDF version of the book for free from our website, or get the Kindle or paperback version on Amazon.

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