If You Believe in Swansea, Believe in the Vision

25th Apr 2017

With the signing of the City Deal, Swansea Council has released a 3D flythrough that provides an inspiring vision for our city centre.

The proposals deserve your wholehearted support. They offer a real chance to create a more inspiring place to spend time, a thriving local economy, and a new identity for Swansea, as the city and the region enters a new era of investment and opportunity. Against the backdrop of Brexit and Austerity Britain, Swansea is choosing to focus on the future – and we can too.

Sure, the council is not perfect and we all have our gripes. But the role of leadership is to put forward a compelling vision for the future, and this Labour council has done that. With collective buy-in and a sense of shared vision, we have the opportunity to transform our city and our own fortunes.
It’s easy to be cynical and critical. It takes zero effort to point out all the reasons the plans won’t work, to bitch and moan about everything that’s wrong with the place. What takes courage is to have hope. To have positive expectations for the future, and to keep working at them until they materialise. That’s an empowering choice, and it’s ours to make.

“I love living in Swansea and
I’m excited about the future of the city”
Dawn, Uplands

So, let’s stop talking down our city centre. Talk about the future, see the potential, and focus on the good things that are happening. As residents we can help generate the buzz and the business needed for the city centre to thrive.

The biggest change to our city in 70 years is happening now

A vibrant cultural and creative community on the High Street

A leisure destination that capitalises on our world-class beach front location

More green spaces in the city centre and and a nicer environment

A digital city with a Tech Arena & Digital Districts

More people living and working in the city centre

Celebrating culture and the arts with a City of Culture bid

Investing in the growth sectors of the 21st century

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