An Attractive City Centre with More Green Space

25th Apr 2017

The vision for Swansea City Centre is to create a more attractive environment, with more green space, and more reasons for people to spend time in the city centre.

Swansea should be somewhere you want to take a walk, let the kids play, relax over coffee, catch a movie, take in an exhibition or have a meal. Somewhere nice to go just for a ‘day out’. We can’t depend on retail alone to bring people into town. It’s right to have higher aspirations for what our city centre can offer, in terms of lifestyle, leisure, culture, and events.

“The bit I’m most excited about is the idea of a park on the Kingsway. It would be great, the kids would love it, Swansea needs more green space.”
Cheryl, local resident

Swansea Council’s plan is to create an urban park along the south-facing side of the Kingsway, transforming a tired, busy, unattractive street into a green lung for the city.

In Castle Square, the Council has made clear its intention to retain ownership of the land and maintain it as a public space – a greener and more attractive one. More green spaces will be opened up around St Mary’s Church as well.

And then of course our greatest asset, our stunning beachfront that is within a few minutes walk of the centre. The demolition of the old Civic Centre will enable us to create a destination and make the most of our world class beach.

In all, the future is bright for the city centre if we hold fast to the vision.

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