“It has improved my design skills and given me some new routes to think about and pursue.”


6th July 2018 

We were lucky enough to be joined by Alfie, a Year 10 student who chose to do his work experience with us, here at iCreate. Read all about Alfie’s work experience at iCreate below:

My whole school year had to go on work experience for a week and I knew that I wanted to go down the graphic design route and therefore started looking at creative companies. When I heard about iCreate and the type of things they did, I knew that was where I wanted to spend my week so I applied and was accepted!

Prior to coming to iCreate I had a somewhat extensive knowledge of Photoshop, some basic web design skills and an extremely basic understanding of 3D modelling and design. However, these skills have massively improved which I am very grateful for.

Throughout my week I have been assisting everyone and learning to tools of the trade by watching what they do how they do it. I have expanded my knowledge of Photoshop by creating posters for events and business cards for iCreate. I expanded my web design knowledge by seeing what goes into using a more complicated software for creating websites than I was used to. I have also gained more knowledge of 3D modelling by watching houses and furniture be created and rendered.

I know that in my further education I want to go down the graphic design route and my week at iCreate has thoroughly helped. It has improved my design skills and given me some new routes to think about and pursue.

I have enjoyed my week at iCreate very much and would love to come back. Everyone has been so friendly and inviting and helped my improve my skills.

It is an experience I won’t forget, and I am very grateful iCreate for taking me on for the week.

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