6 ways Lighting plays a key role in your CGIs

21st March 2018

    • Creates realism

Before starting a project, our 3D artists gather many references for the overall intended look and feel of the image, this is usually done for lighting. By gathering useful references, we then replicate certain aspects of the lighting which creates great realism for the final CGI. Below is an example of a block of apartments. Notice how the lighting has played a key role in creating the mood and high realism of this CGI.

    • Creates warmth

When it comes to a CGI, creating warmth is key to grabbing the viewers attention. It evokes the vital emotions, especially when the CGI is intended for a prospective buyer to purchase a home off-plan (we like to use the word ‘Hygge’ which means a feeling of cosyness in Danish). Creating warmth helps the CGI to be portrayed as inviting, helping to create an emotional connection between the buyer and the new home. Below is an example from an interior created for our client Waterstone Homes.

    • Creates an atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere is key in creating a realistic and successful CGI. The viewer has to feel like they are actually transported to what you are showing in the CGI. Atmosphere helps to give the CGI the necessary drama which makes it convincing. See our example below of West Ham Stadium and how we used the lights, the crowd and props to give this CGI a striking and dramatic finish.

    • Creating a different setting

The lighting and warmth of a CGI plays a key role in the overall mood of the image. Lighting is extremely useful when it comes to deciding on the setting of the CGI, and can be changed to create several versions of one CGI. By making slight changes to the lighting and the skies, you can create different moods depicting the envisaged development in many different settings. See our example below to see how this is done.

    • Time of the day

Lighting plays a crucial role in depicting the time of day in your CGIs. Again, different times of day portray different moods and are often used to give the development more context. Changing the time of day from morning to dusk/ evening gives the buyer the chance to see it in different lighting. Our image belows shows the contrast between dusk and morning (left to right) of a villa in Barbados. Immediately it is visible how much difference the time of day plays in the final look and feel of the CGI.

    • Different Seasons

As well as showing the time of day, lighting is also vital when portraying different seasons in your CGIs. In order to create the right feel and atmosphere of whichever season you are focusing on, your lighting has to match. Take a look at our CGI below which emphasised the stunning autumn colours.

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